Katradi, an initiative of Wind Dancers trust (India) and Transformational Sports (USA), uses a combination of art and sport to create empathy based social transformation. We have worked on projects across 30 countries and 5 continents with a range of communities including under-privileged youth, natural disaster victims, religious/ethnic violence victims, sex workers and people with disabilities among others. We have seen firsthand how art and sport use empathy as a powerful tool to effect transformation.

Why empathy?

Transformations, personal and societal, happen in spaces infused with high levels of empathy. This is especially true when exploring themes rooted in conflict and polarized identities that generate strong negative emotions like anger, fear and shame.

Why art and sport?

Many forms of art and sport have powerful techniques to generate empathy. Tapping into several of these forms, notably, Bharatanatyam (Indian classical dance), Kattaikkuttu (traditional Tamil theater) and Ultimate Frisbee, the Katradi method has evolved to create positive spaces of transformation.

We have designed, trained and implemented programs for many NGOs, educational and research institutions and government bodies such as Angkor Association for the Disabled (Cambodia), Angkor Photo Festival (Cambodia), CAIMEDE (Mexico), DESH (India), Fabricas de Cultura (Brazil), Les Poussières (France), Magic Bus (India), Maluku Interfaith Institute (Indonesia), Museo d'Arte Orientale (Italy), Museu de Arte Moderna (Brazil), Nature Conservation Foundation (India), Project KHEL (India), Royapuram Government Home for Boys (India), Scholarships for Street Kids (Myanmar), Universidad de Xalapa (Mexico), Vidya Sagar (India), World Vision (Myanmar), Yuwa (India), and so on.


We tap into various forms such as dance, sport, theater, circus and visual arts to create exciting programs in the domains of gender, empowerment, education, health, environment and conflict resolution. Using the Katradi method, we customize the design for the target population to engage them, trigger empathy and build a space for new understanding.


Our unique, high energy training programs not only impart information but also inspire participants to become agents of transformation. We train facilitators to open dialogues on difficult subjects with a unique combination of communication skills, empathetic listening, and techniques from art and sport.


We facilitate for client organizations on a range of issues. We also run our Signature Programs including Bridging the Gaps (gender equality through sport and art), Lorry Lolakku (social justice through mobile performances), Disc Trail (accessing marginalized communities) and Be Shameless (Sex Ed without fear).